Experience The Features of Android on Your PC via Nox App Player !

What if there was a way to enjoy all the apps of your Android Phones on your PC! Sounds impossible? Well you are about to be surprised. With Nox App Player you can download Android apps and games that you like on PC. This extremely handy Android Emulator fills the bridge between PC Operating systems and Android operating systems by bringing them more-closer. Android Emulators, as the name suggests are essentially virtual mobile devices that runs on your PC. It’s like using your Android device with all its apps but this time you are accessing it from your computer without even touching your phone!

NOX App Player is small sized software that gets installed quickly without any major input required from the user. It can be used from a personal Computer or a laptop and emulates your Android phone perfectly! If you always wanted to play your favorite Android games like Pokemon Go on a big Computer screen rather than the compact mobile screens, then Nox App Player gives you the perfect opportunity to do so! You can also use popular apps like Instagram from your computer which is otherwise inaccessible from PC.


There are a number of Android Emulators out in the market but what separates Nox app player and puts it above the rest is because of the following features:

  • A super user friendly interface that provides users with tons of customization options.
  • This software runs on the Android 4.4.2 kernel version. So, you can run all the newest and latest apps and games from your PC.
  • It comes with Windows 10 support. As the technology for Windows Operating system advances, so does NOX App Player! Incorporating all the latest versions, this Android emulator aims at providing users easy accessibility on all platforms.
  • With Nox App Player, Google Play store comes integrated and thus you can easily download apps without having to manually search for them.
  • If you already have downloaded APK files on your PC then there’s no need to download them again! Just select them and drag them into the NOX APP Player Window and you are ready to have the best Android experience on your PC.
  • You get superior customizing tools with Nox App Player. You can control CPU, Ram and Resolution of the apps from this Android emulator.
  • The Nox App Player Data is automatically backed up in your PC.
  • With Nox App Player you can play the latest version of Pokemon GO from your computer!

Nox App Player can be downloaded offline as well as online. The many perks of having this software plus the added benefits of enhancing the user experience makes it a must have Android emulator for your PC. And what’s more is that you can download it for free! Yes you heard it right. All you need to do is click the download links provided below and get started to playing your favorite Android games on your PC and Laptop.

Experience The Features of Android on Your PC via Nox App Player !
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